Hi friends. This is admin.

Hi.. i am here to help people and specially love problems,security and women independence.

year ago i was in deep depression i lost everything, my lovely home,my bike,my car,my money,my name,my sis, got betrayed by the one whom i trusted, and my dear doctor friend took me out of it.

For gods sake a girl loved me and said me but i not concentrated what she said. she was a friend. she went to paris on study purpose. Some months ago i committed suicide feeling alone as i am alone and while hanging i got visual of that girl who loves me and i felt strange and stopped suicide and after her arrival i said her, she cried and we became from friends into love(mentally not physical love..) and everything is good and while i forced her to say her dad about us, her dad said he is busy and refused to talk 3 months. On june 01 2015 she said and her parents beaten her and 2 days she cried i saw her crying on video call.. after that i made her happy and gave promise and more trust. on june 04 2015 06:00 am she was talking to me and cooking,she said me to wake up and freshen up and i said okay, she said she will be back after cooking and i said kay i will wait. after a hour when i am offline i got message which is found that full of spell mistakes and typed in hurry. – she said please take care for me.. see you.. its been months no word from her as of my data i found that her dad locked her in and took her away. she said in voice message which is failed to receive by my phone.- she said it may take months,a year or 2 or more, she said she wants me and if i cant wait i can go for other but she loves me and wants me to be happy.. i love her truly and i don’t go for other and if we cant none of us both gonna marry other. its love and i am gonna wait for her forever.. (till the angel die in me then i go directly to her dad talk in devil way as he dnt like good people.)

so that’s my story, i am here to help people who love purely (mentally), i will always be there to save the real love.. my suggestion is to dont say to your parents about your love directly until you have back up. i know its hard but its only way true love getting abandoned. every parent is good but they cant take it their child in someones hands. even i accept my love’s parents are very good,she is only child to them, but they beated her first time.. before saying to parents say me i will give you correct backup plan. Remember this is 2015. Tech changed parents changed.

reach me here. Solveyourlove@gmail.com


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